Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grape Trellis

Our new grape trellis
Among the many, many unfinished and half-finished projects I had left at the end of this season was the replacement of a makeshift grape trellis we put up last spring.  Last week I dragged the scrap 1x3's out from behind N's workbench, the scrap lattice pieces from behind the shed, and the good saw from the wooden footlocker under the baby bathtub, and laid out the pieces as I wanted them assembled.  This was enough momentum to make it happen.  Err, mostly.  N finally took his new router out of the box, and joined together a pretty nice little trellis.  Now, of course, I still have to paint it and attach it to the grape/asparagus bed.  Since I had to take apart the old makeshift trellis to construct this one, I need to get this finished soon!

A's first reaction was to walk behind it and try to knock it over.  Not a good sign!

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