Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mouse Update

Remember last spring, when something was eating my seedlings down in the basement, and I thought it was either a mouse or the Gauss Mouse (World's Worst...)?  Well, I moved the last of my seedlings upstairs after determining that it wasn't Gauss Mouse.  Since then I've had some mouse droppings under my kitchen sink and under my downstairs bathroom sink, exactly once in each place - probably because there was no food in there.  I put some mouse poison in both places, but he never came back.  Then a few weeks ago I actually walked in on him on top of my stove; apparently he decided to brave the cat stink.  Guess what he's been eating in my basement in the meantime?

4" pillar candles we dug out of the basement during the hurricane
The nibbled portion of that candle was resting up against the wall, so we couldn't see the damage until we took the candles out.  What do you suppose these candles were made of, anyway?

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  1. Gosh, I thought now that candles weren't made with tallow (which mice probably loved) that they were made with vegetable wax or something. Are there any calories in wax?