Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Experimental Asparagus Experiment

Sun-deprived asparagus stalks
Some of you may remember that early last spring I planted some asparagus seeds in pots (Growing Asparagus From Seed), not being sure if we were going to have to move in the near future.  They have been doing really well, even through the really hot, dry spell we had last month (and my concurrent neglect of all things outdoors).  Recently, though, I've noticed that the fronds (?) have been growing very long and lanky, then falling over under their own weight - classic signs that they're not getting enough sun.  Once they topple over I have a tendency to kick them as I'm walking past with the garden hose, which really can't be good.

I decided to take them out to my community garden plot, where they would get more sun and most likely regular watering, but I was a little worried because there are just so, so many bugs out there right now (Tomato Trouble).  Having babied these things through germination in the corner of my kitchen during our massive plumbing problems, I feel just a little protective.  So I only took half of them to the community garden, and left the other half on my back sidewalk.  As you can hopefully see below, I think they are pretty happy there.  I wish I'd known this is what they were supposed to look like.  And best of all - no bugs have taken the slightest interest during the two weeks they've been out there!

Happy community garden asparagus

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