Friday, November 12, 2010

Visit to Attick Towers, III

Here's some more photos of the interesting use of materials at the Attick Towers garden. Many of the paths around the garden are covered with old carpet squares, presumably to suppress weeds and give a more even walking space. There is a drainage ditch that runs along one side of the garden and someone has built a couple of bridges across them where I presume they stoop to gather water as needed. Yes, those are oven racks!

I wouldn't want to give the impression that the garden is an eyesore, though. There are so many healthy, lush plants and they are clearly so well-tended that the overall effect is very pleasing.

There is also the occasional plant that to me just looks ornamental, though who knows? I wish the gardeners were more conversant in English, because I would love to ask them about what they are growing.


  1. I keep reading 'Attack Towers'. :P
    Cool garden, though.

  2. Ah yes, well, a tall tower at a crossroads is more of a defensive structure, I think.