Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hard Frost

Last Thursday night we had a lot of frost - enough to prompt me to add "windshield scraper" to my shopping list. I had noticed my basil plants outside were looking a little speckled on Thursday afternoon and thought, "Time to pull those and dry them before they really get hit." But, I thought, the weather was supposed to be nice through the weekend so they'd probably be okay until then. Oops.

It's interesting to me how the one plant that I'd moved to a pot is still green and the others are all black. I wonder if the soil in the pot warms more during the day and that helps protect the plant from nighttime frosts?

These are all from the second round of basil plants that I planted in early August, so they are not very large, but I am drying the leaves anyway. I've never tried to dry them after they were hit by a frost, but they still seem deliciously fragrant so I'm hoping for the best.

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