Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Journal: 5/30/12

At the community garden:
  • hoed now-empty pac choi and spinach beds
  • hoed part of path in front of potatoes, put down more cardboard*
  • weeded carrots and asparagus
  • picked lettuce and peas
At home:
  •  composted extra chili plants
  • watered everything**
  • tied up tomato plant, pulled off some bad leaves...sigh

*this was the section of cardboard I put down first, around mid-January, I think.  several of the paths are starting to sprout a weed or two here and there.

** I used the rain barrel water to water all the new transplants in the back flower bed, the asparagus bed, all the stuff that's still in pots, the seeds that haven't come up yet, and the garlic bed; it was very full, a pleasant surprise because I thought it appeared to be leaking at the tap, however the pressure was still pretty low, barely enough to push it through the long hose I had in the shed; it was still more than half full after all that watering!

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