Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Harvest Notes

The good news is that the harvest this year is really great so far.  The bad news is that it's really been all I can do to pick it, clean it, and fit it into the fridge.  Weighing and even counting have been out of the question!  Here is my best guesstimate about what I've picked since the last harvest note:
  • 12 broccoli heads (20 total for the spring), plus several small side-heads
  • 14 spinach plants (I planted 27 total for the spring, but 1 died after transplanting)
  • 5 heads romaine (12 total for the spring, minus 1 still in the garden)
  • 14 heads loose-leaf lettuce (I planted 27, lost 5, and still have 8 in the garden)
  • 4 gallon-size bags (cleaned) of pac choi
  • 3 bowls of sugar snap peas

I remember when N and R helped me plant the loose-leaf lettuce.  It took up such a small space in the garden, I was tempted to plant more!


  1. I find it pretty remarkable that you grow and eat so many veggies now. I remember you didn't used to like vegetables much.

  2. Hey Matty! Yeah, I think no one is more stunned than my husband. I keep telling everyone motherhood makes some permanent changes...