Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yesterday at the garden:
  • weeded the front pea bed
  • watered the carrots - it looked like something was coming up, but i thought carrots took a long time to germinate?
  • pulled a broccoli plant that didn't look good; its color was off, it was much smaller than the rest, and a cabbage worm was munching it (under the cover, darn it!)
  • hoed some extra soil around the asparagus plants
  • watered the tomato seeds and transplanted peppers
  • potatoes are looking great!
Today at home:
  • dug grass from left half of new flower bed
  • removed old stump
  • added wheelbarrow full of half-rotted compost
  • planted blue crop blueberry, two shasta daisies, one ornamental grass (not looking so great, though), one soapwort and two mallows
  • wood chips from the city arrived
  • sprayed herbicide on the poison ivy, vine plants near neighbor's fence and cedar tree, a few plants just over the fence in the back 40
  • dealt with a massive winged ant swarm on the back porch

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I wish MY day had been that productive! You sure get a lot done - and you don't even put your mothering work on this blog!