Friday, February 10, 2012

Is it Spring?

This lone crocus blooms right in the middle of my backyard every year.

Crocuses in my side flower bed, a little overrun by weeds last year
My neighbor and I have an unofficial spring ritual.  (Okay, he's probably totally unaware of it.)  Every year in early spring there comes a day when he and I both individually determine that it is now safe to use the hose again, following which we both go outside and I start gardening and he starts washing his car.  It's laughable, really.  I'm sure our other neighbors have no need for a groundhog to tell them when spring has started.

Here are some signs that spring is here:
  • Birds.  Lots of birds.
  • Crocuses blooming around my yard.
  • Ants in my kitchen (I always know when the outside temp goes above about 55 F)
  • Burpee seed racks in my grocery store!
  • Wind-seeded lettuce growing in my grass

    Yep, that's lettuce
So, is it spring?  Should I be alarmed that I still haven't even started my pepper seeds? 

Well, I'm not ready to turn on the hose just yet...


  1. Its always hard for me to say words like "crocuses" instead of "croci". My bulbs are already several inches tall! Here's hoping there's no big frost around the corner...

  2. Mmm, that looks like a single-serving salad right there. Pick it before it freezes!