Friday, August 26, 2011

Refrigerator Dills

I don't actually grow cucumbers because I like them.  I grow them because I like pickles!  I made this jar of refrigerator dills with the first two batches of cucumbers I picked.  I searched the internet and cobbled together several recipes I found.  I didn't bother writing down what I done because I thought I'd remember.  

Well, I don't remember.  But whatever I did, don't do it.  I think it was sugar.  Definitely no sugar next time.


  1. Oh, no! What will you do with a whole jar of pickles that you don't like?

  2. Ha! Yes, I'm lucky it was only one jar. I have been trying to eat them. Damn Pepco for turning the power back on before I had to empty my fridge!