Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Aftermath

Yesterday R and I picked up a few tree branches out of the yard - no real damage - and then I took the boys over to the community garden to check out our plot.  The bean trellis was knocked down, with one of the teepees torn apart at the top.  (N was pretty proud that one of his teepees held up to a hurricane.)  The buckets were almost totally full of water - I'd say about 10 inches.  Some other gardeners' tomato stakes/cages were knocked over, but N did a really good job anchoring and tying ours and they don't even look like they've moved.  A few of the vines that should have been tied up a while ago are now on the ground, and the ones I picked were really dramatcally split from all the extra water.  Looks like we'll have some work to do tomorrow!

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