Monday, September 27, 2010

My New Herb Garden

Some of you may remember that earlier this year I was lamenting that I didn't get my herb garden installed last spring. Well, I took advantage of my blogging hiatus to get it done! (Oh, and yes, my thesis has been distributed! Yay!)

Actually, I started the herb garden several weeks ago when I finished moving the compost from the driveway. I used a flower support with a string tied to it to make an optimally-sized, perfectly round bed, as Renee Michelle suggested. I carefully centered the flower support between the sidewalk and flower bed, then laid newspaper all around it.

I tied garden twine to the flower stake, and stretched it taut, turning it to different angles as needed to guide my newspaper cuts. Though I could have been a bit more careful and it probably would have gone better with cardboard (the newspapers tended to shift around as I was working), I thought the result came out pretty well.

Then I put the birdbath back, piled compost over the newspaper, and proceeded to neglect the mess for several weeks. (My neighbors must just love my half-finished garden projects, eh?) Eventually, I bought some retaining wall stones from the local big box store and set them in place around the edge of the paper. I added a lot of coffee grounds and some bonemeal to the compost, watered, and planted cilantro and parsley. (It may be too late for these, but I am a gardening optimist!)

I am ridiculously proud of this thing every time I see it.


  1. I suggested that? I certainly don't remember that, but it was a great idea :) And it turned out wonderfully. That's a beautiful little bed, and I like how the birdbath anchors it and the stones define it. Great job!

  2. Wow, that looks awesome!! I've had trouble with squirrels eating basil, so I hope they don't get at your lovely herbs.

  3. @Renee Michelle - you suggested it in the comments for that post I linked to, and it did work beautifully. I just hope stuff grows in it!

    @Ellie - your squirrels eat basil? I have never had trouble with that, but I do believe different squirrels have different tastes. A couple years ago I had one that ate habaneros, but all my hot peppers have gone untouched the last two years.