Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Garlic has Arrived!

A couple days ago I came home to find this charming little package in my mail box - my planting garlic has arrived! I ordered it last month and I wasn't sure if I could expect prompt delivery but Southern Exposure Seed Exchange filled my order sooner than promised! As several websites explained to me, garlic is a tricky business because it grows underground, making it difficult to know how many orders can be filled ahead of time. I ordered the Beginners Mixed Starter Package, which contains a hardneck and a softneck variety. I am so excited to see how they do!

I was unsure about the wisdom of planting garlic this year, since it seems likely that we may have to move in the next year, but I so regretted not having any to harvest this year that I decided to buy some anyway and plant half of it in containers so I can take it with me if necessary. Viola! My garlic bin!

Our city switched from these yellow bins to rolling recycling carts last year, so this is a re-purposed recycling bin. I have a couple of others from folks who didn't have a use for them any more. Now that my order has arrived it looks like I will probably want to plant one more of these. They will sit in a very nice, totally underutilized sunny spot next to my shed.


  1. Shaela, I love it. I can just imagine you packing up your house and, along with ALL those books and dressers you have, moving six yellow carts of dirt and garlic. Too funny.

  2. Oh, but it would be worth it! :)

  3. Right and can't you just dig it up? Speaking strictly from ignorance.