Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still More Debris...

I have a neighbor who is no longer able to care for her very ambitious flower bed, which shades my front garden considerably when it's overgrown. I cleaned it out for her a couple times last year, and last weekend I did it again. Thankfully there was no poison ivy this year, just a whole lot of vines, thistles, and volunteer trees.

Another neighbor helped me cut down some of the trees and woody weeds, then after I took these pictures I went in with the weed wacker to clear out the vines. In the end I had two more bulging bins full of debris and a small pile of branches for the public works department to haul away.

It was so hot I was afraid to keep the camera outdoors for a final "after" shot.

There are actually a lot of nice plants in there still, which you can't see at all when the trees are grown. Maybe in the fall I will offer to take apart the railroad tie border and plant most of it in grass.


  1. So, you did this YESTERDAY? You hadn't had enough sun and outdoors-ness earlier in the day?

  2. No, I did it last weekend. Although we went to two cookouts last weekend, so you'd think I would have been sick of sun then, too.