Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So, can you tell the difference between this and my last garden update? Anyone see it? Oh, yeah! Where is that bright beautiful sunflower I was bragging about?!

It's gone! Gone where? Who knows?! It was chewed off a few inches above the ground (hmm...that's about squirrel mouth height, isn't it?!!!!!!!) Most of the stem was dragged to the end of the path, and the flower head just disappeared.

Sigh. Maybe I am not meant to grow sunflowers.


  1. Or you could look at it as, "Maybe your job is to provide food for the squirrels."

    That's probably no comfort.

  2. If you could see how far my jaw dropped and how wide my eyes got when I got to the part about the missing sunflower.
    Shaking my fist at those little *%$!@#!!!

  3. Thanks Matty. Do you know a good way to slaughter squirrels for food? My dad used to shoot them when he was bored hunting rabbit, but he always said by time you shot them there was hardly enough left to be worth cleaning. Poison seems like a bad idea, right?