Thursday, August 9, 2012

Harvest Notes: 8/9/12

So much food has come in since I've been away...and quite a bit before we left, as well.  Most of it has been recorded, I think.  I owe a big thanks to Ellie, for taking care of my garden while I was gone, and for recording what she picked, too.

Harvested by Ellie:

1 tiny eggplant
3 medium, 6 small bell peppers (the “small” were really tiny since I thought I was eliminating the ones with black mold, but really they just had sun scald)
11 lbs tomatoes (I weighed the first 8 pounds, then estimated after that)
3 sprigs basil
1 small and 1 medium yellow squash
2 large cucumber
1/2 pound (very rough estimate) chili peppers (Several developed black spots, so I picked those even though they weren’t red yet)

Harvested by me at various times over the last three weeks:

7+ lbs cucumbers (several just got thrown in the bowl without being weighed)
15 green peppers
19 chili peppers (anyone want chili peppers?)
 14 red peppers
8 eggplant (mostly small japanese, but also two fair-sized rosa blancas)
3 yellow squash
2 zucchini
3 carrots
10-ish onions (I pulled the last of them before we left and dried them while we were out, then forgot to count them before I mixed them in with the others)
2 watermelons (small, like personal-sized)
4 sprigs basil
28+ lbs tomatoes (these have also been getting chucked in the bowl all week without weighing)

Seeds I've collected this week:

lettuce (from the backyard garden)
lazy susan?  (i'm not sure about these...)
cilantro (I let last year's biggest plant go to seed - so much seed)

I'm a little confused why my cilantro seed looks just like the cilantro seed I buy in the packets, which doesn't look like coriander (seeds, for you Brits) that I buy at the grocery store.  They look similar, but the cilantro seeds that I grew are not spherical, as though they've been deflated.  Does anyone know anything about this?  I've yet to test them, but I think they will germinate.  I think.


  1. Looks like the making of pasta sauce is in order , along with all you do and live to tell about! Tomato soup for freezing recipe is on the way.

  2. I really have to give Kevin most of the credit. He's the one that hauled the water and poured it on the babies. I just got to walk/hobble around and inspect everything and admire all your hard work.