Friday, August 17, 2012

Canning...and more canning....

Tomato processing

A lot is going on right now in the garden, and in the kitchen.  I'm still working on planting the fall garden, while picking and preserving the summer produce.  In the last week and a half I've put up 8 pints and 2 quarts of tomato sauce (a laughably small amount, I know, but it took me soooo long!), 4 pints of peach jam, one gallon bag of sliced peaches, and 11 pints of dill pickles.

Pickle production

(Do you see my really impressive jug of vinegar?  I can't believe I never wondered what people did with so much vinegar.  And now I know.)


  1. That *is* a lot of canning.

    I have such a large container of vinegar, but I use it for laundry. Pickles would be a much tastier use.

  2. Oh, I forgot how much I love your pickles!! I wonder if they would be as good if I made a few jars with grocery store cucumbers. On second thought, maybe next year. I've got a little bit going on at the moment.

  3. Wow, Renee Michelle, I used to use vinegar for diaper-washing, but still only used a small amount. Do you use it with every load?

    @Ellie - I will bring you some pickles! I definitely don't think you should be moving big pots of canning water around, but for the future - I have done it with cucumbers from the farmers market and find them better than store-bought because you can select just the sizes you want. You have to get there pretty early, though.