Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seedling Space

It's getting crowded around here.  Really crowded.  The low tunnel is full...

Low tunnel brim-full with lettuce, spinach, onions, and broccoli

 The counter is full....

Newly planted seeds and a couple transplants

The space under the shoplights is over full!  (I've been rotating the plants under the lights.)

I have two shoplights, but only one is hung upstairs

And of course there's still a lot of things to plant...

I always fall behind on herbs and flowers

I've never grown this many things from seed before, and after last year's fiasco with the rat who ate most of my seedlings, I've been forced to give up growing in the basement.  That leaves me a lot less growing space.

This can't continue, though.  This morning I jerry-rigged a larger platform for the seedlings to sit on, and tomorrow I'll hang my other shoplight.  It means giving up about a quarter of my guest bedroom and poking some more holes in the ceiling, but N's patience with respect to my seedlings seems to increase every year.

Meanwhile, I brought some of the plants out of the low tunnel onto the sidewalk, and put the rest of the onions and lettuce in there.  Barring squirrel attacks everything should be fine for another week, and then I'll plant the lettuce and onions in my community garden plot.


  1. WOW!! Could you build some sort of cage around seedlings in the basement? That was a pretty sweet set-up down there with the two lamps and table.

  2. Yeah, I actually thought about a cage, too. But I had already installed hooks for one light fixture upstairs, and it's also a bit warmer up there. I don't know for sure what I'll do next year.