Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Garden Goals

Today was the first official day the community garden is open, and it was a gorgeous day!  But we didn't bother going out there, because the soil was far too wet to work with.  Instead I puttered around the house, tidying the yard and shed.  I pulled the lettuce seedlings out of the hothouse, and brought the onion starts outside as well, to harden off a bit.  I also worked for awhile on a little project I cooked up last week to show the neighbors just how crazy I am: chopping down all the volunteer trees by our back fence with a hatchet!

Anyway, since the garden is open and the tomatoes and peppers are starting to come up I guess I better hurry up and finish my garden goals for 2012!

  1. Use growing beds more efficiently - get another crop in right away when one finishes, so I don't waste time and space growing weeds.
  2. Grow more root crops.
  3. Fill in herb bed.
  4. Finish reading the Master Gardener handbook.
  5. Keep planting records for everything.

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