Monday, October 3, 2011

More Good Weather...

Okay, I am a little tired of the rain.  But otherwise...  On Saturday I went out to my community garden plot and got lots of work done. 

I pulled up my tomato plants, and replaced them with garlic.  I had one bulb each of the two kinds I planted last year, plus 4 big new bulbs of Chesnok Red hardneck garlic from SESE.  (I ended up not having quite enough room, so I brought one-and-a-smidge bulbs of Chesnok Red back to plant at home.) 

There were two tomato plants I particularly liked this year and I wanted to make a note of the variety names: Husky Red and Supersonic.  Both were very productive and seemed to resist the blight that (I assume) eventually killed my plants.  Both also had really big root systems  - about a foot and a half worth came out intact when I pulled them up.

It looks like the cabbage worms are still active out there because they got into my little seedlings.  I killed many of them and weeded the carrots and cucurbits.  I wanted to weed the peas as well, and set up a small trellis for them, but as I was chucking old cornstalks over the fence to get to the fencing (trellis) material, I came across.....a snake!!  Being from Iowa and knowing nothing about snakes I can only tell you this about him: he looked mad.  (It was awfully cold out.)  Suddenly I am looking at every weed-covered garden out there in a whole new way!   

I pulled a bunch of weeds up in unplanted areas and brought lots of things home.  The bean trellis still needs to come down, though.  Okay, more later...

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