Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Gardening Weekend!

The weather here has been cold, wet, and mostly overcast for the last two days.  Normal people are probably sad, but I was thrilled because all that cold air came with a beautiful promise: dead mosquitoes. 

When the park service plowed our community garden plot last year the plow left a 1.5-foot deep trench along the side where we enter our plot.  With the crazy amount of rain we've gotten over the last month or so (I saw a half-full 55-gallon drum out at the community garden!) it has been almost constantly full of water.  On top of that, the park service is still sort of working out the kinks in the new deer fence, one of them being that they haven't mowed the grass and weeds in our path since the fence was put up last spring, and it is starting to pretty tall.  So, no surprise I suppose that the mosquitoes out there have become unbearable.  The last time I took the boys out there I was in my plot for about five minutes before I decided we'd better run for it.  Literally.  I ran the stroller (thankfully covered in netting) over the weeds, back to the car and threw both boys in.  I chucked stuff in the trunk and drove out to the parking lot before stopping to buckle the carseats, in between waving a cloud of mosquitoes out of the car.  Until yesterday I haven't been back since.

So, yeah, I just love this weather!  I'll have to write more later to tell you all the work I got done....

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  1. I think our mosquito numbers are decreasing too. Thank goodness for cooler weather. Now if only the fleas outside would die back a bit.