Monday, August 22, 2011


Potatoes dug from my community garden plot

Saturday night N and I had our 6th wedding anniversary; we stayed in and made steaks and -  you guessed it - potatoes!  It turns out N's hard work with the potatoes at the community garden didn't got to waste at all.  The first tomato plant to fall victim to whatever disease took out the patch (see Potato Problem) didn't produce any potatoes, but the rest all produced several.  R and I had a lot of fun digging out the mommy potatoes and baby potatoes. 

The variety I planted is called Viking Purple.  The exteriors are a vibrant purple intermixed with brown, and the interiors are bright white.  I couldn't see any evidence of fungus on any of the tubers, so I don't think it was a blight that took out the plants; maybe M is right and it was a disease that came with one of the seed potatoes.

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  1. Wow - that's awesome! Can you just leave the potatoes in the ground until you want to eat them, like carrots?