Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall Planting

Broccoli bed

R and I went to the garden several times this week, and N braved an approaching thunderstorm last night, trying to get some planting done for fall.  R helped me pull all the weeds from the cucumber bed and turn it over with a shovel.  The next visit we planted some broccoli  and I dug a new bed in a previously unused section of the garden, where I intend to plant carrots and celeriac.  (I asked R if he wanted to help, but he was done weeding and digging by then.) 

New carrot bed awaiting amendment

Unused section of the garden

Finally, I added cauliflower to the broccoli bed and dug up the potato bed.  Then last night N hauled in two bags of LeafGro, which I'll use to amend the new carrot bed and the old potato bed, which didn't get any compost in the spring.  Then he turned over the soil in the old corn bed, where I'll put in some peas.

N's been working on a garden planner that will export easily to blogger; once it's done I'll post a picture of the fall plan.


  1. It seems like your garden plot in the community garden has been well worth the effort. I'm glad to hear that R is such a help :)

  2. I'm exhausted just reading this...

  3. Yes, I definitely do think it was worth it. Sorry about the strange post - things didn't exactly show up where they were supposed to.