Sunday, March 27, 2011

Planting My New Bulb Patch (A Little Late)

Empy space left by the elimination of the multiflora rose.
Last weekend after N pulled out the rose stump for me I planted a bunch of flower bulbs in the empty space where it used to be.  I bought them impulsively last fall and put them in the shed to keep cool, then promptly forgot all about them until I was cleaning out the shed a few weeks ago and found them all sprouting in their bags.  I read somewhere that you could still plant them in the spring but you shouldn't expect them to flower the first year, so I planted them hoping for the best.  Here's what I planted:

Crocus (Dorothy - yellow), blooms February-March. Probably the most likely to rot in the ground, since their blooming period is pretty much past.

Hyacinths (Blue Star - purple), blooms March-April.

Ranunculus (mixed variety bag), blooms March-May.

Alliums (Purple Sensation - magenta) blooms May-June.

Bulb Packages

I really hope at least some of them will come up.  I seldom plant bulbs and my ego may never recover if they completely fail.

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