Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gasp! Asparagus Sprouts!

Potted asparagus, sunning themselves outside.
 During our recent plumbing misadventures my potted asparagus seeds got shuffled over onto the dining room table, right next to the radiator.  Since I was expecting them to come up the day after what I now refer to as "The Waterfall Day", I was disappointed several days later to look in and see nothing, and I wondered if they had gotten too warm and it killed the sprouting seeds.  I was preparing myself mentally to set the pots outside to deal with later, when suddenly - gasp! - I realized that those odd, tiny sticks poking out of the potting soil were actually little asparagus sprouts!  (N was quite amused when I looked eagerly into four pots in a row, gasping in surprise at each and every sprout I saw.)

You don't see them, you say?  Look closely...they are so small!
Overexposed close-up inside one pot.

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