Saturday, March 12, 2011

Garden Awakening

This is just a little post about all the stuff that's waking up in my garden.  First, there is the little flower bed by the back door, which a previous owner kindly planted lots of beautiful spring bulbs in.  You can see the crocuses are blooming now, and the daffodils are sizing up.  There are also a few bulb leaves starting to show, and the perennials I planted last year (coreopsis and Shasta daisies) are greening up.  There's also some lamb's ear mixed in there, though it seems like kind of an afterthought.  Maybe at one point it was supposed to serve as a groundcover for the whole bed during the summer when the bulbs are finished.

My chives are also starting to grow and I can't wait.  I don't like onions much, though I'll eat them in small quantities if they're well cooked.  But chives!  Now that's a different story.  N makes the best potato salad...

 The spinach I planted last fall is starting to look really good, too.  Soon it will be large enough to pick.  I had to slip the camera under the plastic cover (which I recently stapled down on three sides) to take a picture, so sorry it's difficult to get a sense of scale.  Each plant has about 4-6 large leaves on it.

There's also some little plants in the cold frame and in my new (last year) garden bed that I thought were my volunteer lettuce plants from last summer, although now that I look back at the picture in my old post, these look really different.  I'm not sure I'm confident enough of what they are to eat them.

The one late-planted broccoli in the cold frame bed made it through the winter, too, and has started to grow.  The celery plants look like they're still alive but pretty badly damaged and I think I'll end up pulling them out.

It's interesting to me that so many of these fall-started plants start their renewed spring growth more than a month before I could comfortably plant the seeds outdoors.  I'm thinking I may want to do more fall planting this year.  It would be good to have more of the garden soil covered, anyway.

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