Monday, December 6, 2010

Volunteer Lettuce

Last spring I scattered a half packet of mixed lettuce seeds in my cold frame bed and it turned into a pretty healthy bed of salad material. When the weather turned hot and the plants started to bolt I went ahead and pulled most of them and planted basil and...something else in there. A few lettuce plants were left behind, however, because I thought they were kind of pretty with flowers on them. Eventually they dropped their seeds and fell over, at which point they were no longer pretty and got the boot. But look what came up this fall as a little reward for my carelessness! There were actually a lot more little seedlings, but most of them died during a late heat wave. I didn't even realize these ones were going to make it until we came back from vacation and they were looking very...edible.

(That's a celery leaf off to the side there. The celery plants are still looking good.)

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