Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ordering Seeds

When N saw a pile of seed catalogs stacked on the table next to my breakfast last week he said wearily, "Okay. How much grass do you want to dig up this year?" I confidently replied, "I'm not going to expand the garden this year." Only later did I realize that this was not true, it's just that I'm expanding so little that it feels like nothing... actually, the only new garden space I'm adding this year is in pots, and one raised bed for asaparagus, which I'm actually using to replace a very scraggly bed of irises off to the side of the house. So, technically, no grass will be destroyed. In the spring, at least.

My "to scale" garden plan isn't finished yet, but I have sorted through the seeds left over from last year, and made a rough sketch of what I want to plant where. Here's the list of missing seeds I'll need to order:

chili peppers
lemon grass
japanese eggplant
pickling cucumbers (mosaic-resistant)
yellow (summer) squash
potatoes (tubers, not seed)
sugar snap peas ("More peas!" N says)
beans for drying
green beans
some kind of annual flower


  1. I wonder what your Iowa forbearers would say if they knew you were planting lemon grass in your garden!

  2. I bet they would ask for some seed!