Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goals for 2011 Garden

Here are some goals I wrote for myself in my paper journal:

Move blueberry bush to a large pot on opposite side of house.
Install asparagus bed
Set up low tunnel over cold frame bed
Soil tests
Rain barrels
Plant dwarf apple tree in pot
Let R help, try to foster an interest in gardening
Put up cheap fence so I don't have to chase R around the house
Buy some floating row cover
Get oregano to grow
Buy and plant a summer cover crop for the shady end of the garden

I hope I will be able to accomplish most of these, although with the baby coming in May I am trying not to plan too much for the summer months. N has promised to help with some of these projects, particularly those that benefit him directly. (He probably won't help much with the asparagus bed.)

I think the southernmost end of the garden gets the least sunlight and isn't really useful once my neighbor's tree is in full leaf. That's okay, because I've found it really hard to use the same garden space for both summer and spring/fall gardening. (I never want to pull out a plant that's still productive in order to plant for the next season, and interplanting only works sporadically, for seeds that are planted directly in the ground.) Next year that part of the garden will be my pea jungle.

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