Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy New Squash Plants

Here is a picture of my happy new squash plants. They were planted to replace a bunch that were infested by squash vine borer. Last weekend I found that my last healthy summer squash had been infected. I was dismayed because I thought the time for the borer eggs to hatch was over, but I guess not. The funny thing is, this last plant to get infected seemed very healthy, despite an long section of damaged stem. After some internet research I decided to try a half-hearted suggestion I read on the Minnesota extension website, to cut into the vine up to where the borer was hiding and kill it, then bury the section of damaged stem and hope that it would root.

I should note that I am not entirely sure that I got the borer. I felt really bad cutting into this perfectly healthy plant, and at some point I wasn't really sure what I was digging out of there (was it sliced borer? I don't know...) so I just stopped. Maybe I just helped him bury himself for the winter. Shrug.

Happy gardening.

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