Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall Planting Notes

This post is a little late, as some of the seedlings planted in the container above were transplanted into the garden on Sunday. There are still three very small stevia plants in there. I tried planting stevia outside three times and haven't had any success, and now I think I see why. The plants are still quite small well after the broccoli and marigolds were ready to transplant. I'm not sure it will even have enough time to grow one usable leaf before the cold weather comes. (I put two broccoli in the cold frame garden, one near the blueberry bush, and one in a nice sunny spot by the zucchini.)

I also planted some Viguera that I'd intended for the planter I put on my front steps, but none of it sprouted. Maybe my kitchen was too hot? The seeds were from Pinetree, and I've had very little luck with their seeds. I probably won't order from them again.

I want to plant cauliflower and cabbage this fall, also, but the instructions on the package say to wait until four weeks before the average first frost, so that means I am supposed to plant them near the end of September.

I transplanted some little basil plants given to me by a co-worker into my cold frame garden, as well. Mine are huge and they have tried several times to flower. I'm sad that we haven't been making any fresh tomato sauce this summer because we've been trying to cook outside of the house. Now that I have a few babies I will have some to pot up and bring inside in the fall! When the weather starts to cool down I will plant lettuce and possibly spinach around the basil.


  1. what do you do with stevia? i only know their use as a sugar substitute.

  2. well, i have never grown it before, but my hope was to use it as a beverage sweetener. if i ever manage to get it up to size i'll let you know how it tastes!