Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wild Garlic Scapes

Last year I tried to grow garlic, without much success. Around here garlic is supposed to be planted in the fall so it can get nice and large, but I didn't think to grow it until January, so I planted it in the spring. Several of the cloves sprouted and made small plants, but then a bunch of them died inexplicably. (They are not the first plant to do that in this particular location. I'm now calling it my dead spot and I'm afraid to plant anything else there.) In the end I only got four very small bulbs. I used half of them to make pickles last fall and replanted the rest in the fall.

Unfortunately they sprouted very early during a freakish warm spell, then died and never came back. I'm not sure if it was because I put them back in the dead spot or because they weren't large enough to sprout a second time. Now I can only stare sadly at the scapes on these wild garlic plants and rue the decision to replant with the small cloves instead of buying new stock. Lesson learned!

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