Monday, June 7, 2010

Garden Progress Update

It looks like things are about to take off in the garden. We've had a couple weeks of warm weather and I can see all the progress the plants are making! Behind my crooked raspberry trellis on the left is a tomato plant in a pot that has just taken off; I should have staked it right away because now it is falling over the side of the pot and has set several blooms. I'm not sure what is in the yellow recycling bins (I think it's something I planted last fall that didn't come up then, but I can't remember what that was!)

My pole beans are really starting to climb. I had to replant some of the lima beans, I think because there was kind of a cold snap right after I planted them and they didn't germinate. Ditto for my edamame, though both are doing nicely now. I put slug pellets around them so they could get off the ground without being eaten.

Look at the sunflower go! (on the right hand side in the photo) I replanted the other one, but I didn't have any more seeds so I had to buy a different kind. I hope they aren't too drastically different! The peppers and tomatoes are filling in nicely, as is the zucchini. The yellow squash look a little stunted and chlorotic, I'm not sure why. I fertilized everything last weekend.


  1. Wow, it all looks terrific!

  2. I think that we should do those boxes around the tomatoes soon!