Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not Strictly Gardening, but Who Else Will Advertise These?

I love clotheslines! (At least in spring and fall I do.) Everyone should at least have a clothesline for blankets, sheets, and fragile fabrics. I was amazed when I started using a clothesline how much easier it became to dry those large items. Also, I can usually match at least half the socks as I'm taking them off the line. I tend to hang them close to one another on the line, which makes it easier. Also, whereas it might take me all day to wash and dry four loads of laundry with the clothes dryer, it only takes a couple hours to do it on a line - the washing machine takes a lot less time than the dryer, and I can hang two loads on the line. By the time the third load is done washing the first is ready to come down off the line. And, if you use cloth diapers like we do, sunlight is the best and only recommended way of removing poop stains.

Towels do tend to get a little stiff on the clothesline. It helps if you take your laundry in right away or maybe even a little before it gets completely dry. But, if you can't manage it and the stiffness bothers you, you can also throw the stiff items in the dryer on a "no heat" setting for ten minutes, and you won't be able to tell they were ever on a line.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't give up my clothes dryer. But on a beautiful spring day with lovely, stain-fighting sunshine, why on earth would I pay Pepco to dry my clothes when God will do it better, for free?


  1. Well you know you are preaching to the choir here. But a little advice IF you ever get to suspect allergies in your family then run the sheets and pillowcases thru the dryer during allergy season. Love ya!

  2. I love clotheslines as well. I admit that we don't use it much in the winter, but during half the year it dries almost all our clothes. I'm going to miss our clothesline when we move.