Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Work in the New Plot

Yesterday I moved the rest of the bean teepees into place and N and I figured out what we think is a good way to stake them down - I'll have to go get some fence posts tomorrow. I planted sunflowers, marigolds and cucumbers, and I transplanted my cherry tomatoes and cilantro. Then as it got later it got really cold and window, so I moved my cold frame around the tomatoes for a little wind break.

I also updated the plan for my garden. When I made the plan I made a few guesses about where the existing plants were, so I had to make a few corrections. The new plan still isn't quite right, as the plan is for a rectangular garden plot and my space actually isn't quite rectangular, due to the fence and the sidewalk being slightly misaligned. When I tried to incorporate that into the plan it caused more problems than it solved, so I just made the plan approximate.


  1. Is it important to have an accurate garden plan? I've never laid out a garden before.

  2. I started to reply to this yesterday, but it got too long and I think it will have to be a post!