Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Malabar Spinach

Here is my malabar spinach, in the ground now. Some of you may recall that spinach and I have had our differences over the length of Maryland springs - spinach would prefer a little more cool weather than I usually can offer it between when the ground dries enough to dig and when the air temperatures get too hot.

Last spring when all my spinach bolted before I got to eat any - again! - I thought, "Well maybe I'll just have to only plant spinach in the fall." But then when it got cool enough (I felt) to plant in the fall, the day length had gotten too short and the plants just didn't grow much.

So over the winter I thought, "Well I'll just have to get used to the idea of eating heat-loving spinach." And voila! I ordered malabar spinach seeds. Like New Zealand spinach it is not a true spinach, but supposedly it is tasty and easy to grow. Now that I have discovered my new favorite way to grow spinach - plant in the fall and eat in the spring - it isn't quite as important to me that this work out. But my spinach ego could use the boost.

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