Thursday, November 1, 2012


Mud puddles are irresistible for A.  Five minutes after our arrival we had to leave quickly.

The 6-8 inches of clearance under this board are full of water

 The day after the hurricane I packed up the boys and we went out to survey the damage at the garden.  Mostly it was just very wet out there.  The puddle at the top covered the front half of my neighbor's huge (3x bigger than mine) plot.  Luckily he doesn't really put in a fall garden, so it didn't look like he lost anything.  I have been working recently to fill in the ditch at the front of my garden (the "clumpwater" as R used to call it) with mulch, so the only flooded spot in my garden was where I left a small space under the former bridge for toads to hide out.  It seems so ridiculous compared to the pictures coming out of New York and the Jersey shore.

Tipped-over lettuce stalks
I did have a few plants knocked over, mostly the lettuces that had gone to seed, plus a few broccoli plants and some fading asparagus.  Hopefully the asparagus crowns will figure out that it's too late in the year and not bother to replace those fading fronds, which would have had to be cut anyway in a month or so.

Wind-blown broccoli plants near the edge of my plot

Broken asparagus stalks

All in all, Sandy really spared us.

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