Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journal: 6/21/12

I've been working, I swear!  I just haven't been writing it down!

At the community garden:
  • pulled pea plants from the front bed
  • dug/scraped broken-down mulch from path next to the pea bed and dumped it on the bed
  • replaced cardboard and mulch on that path
  • dug coffee grounds (3 big bags) and broken-down mulch into former pea bed
  • transplanted summer squash seedlings 
  • planted 3 summer squash (1 yellow and two tromboncino) from seed to replace seedlings that didn't come up or didn't survive
  •  weeded here, there, and everywhere
  • pulled yellow leaves from tomato plants
  • sprayed tomato plants with neem oil to suppress fungus
  • sprayed eggplants with neem oil to suppress flea beetles
  • picked a few things here and there
At home:
  • finished planting back flower bed (finally!)
  • watered back flower bed and back lawn
  • planted two pumpkins in home garden

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