Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Journal: 05/16/12

I'm already slacking on this journal thing.  I'd meant to record all my good deeds as they occurred, but I'm sure I did things last week that aren't on here.  Here's a lame attempt to catch up.

At the community garden:
weeded the lettuce, spinach, carrots, onions (it's so unfair that this only takes up one line when I write it!)
gathered grass clippings from the path and mulched the onions and asparagus, and about 1/3 of the paths
uncovered the end of the broccoli bed that was under the curtain because it was hard to monitor under there; removed a cabbage worm (a new kind I've never seen before!) and many eggs
harvested lots of stuff

At home:
edged around the backyard garden
weeded around the peas and garlic
pulled LOTS of ivy from the front yard, thinned irises by the front door
mulched the new flowerbed, most of the front right-of-way

There's still of lot of mulching to do at home, and almost every bed is overrun with weeds.  Also the Shasta Daisies are wildly out of control, everywhere, and the irises need to be thinned, too.  Anyone want some Shasta Daisies or irises?  I warn you, they're outcompeting the raspberries, which is saying something!  I think I'm going to trim the weeds by the fence at the community garden tomorrow, and mulch and stake the tomatoes.  If the soil is dry enough I'll also try to get some planting done.

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