Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bullet Point Update

Here I go again with the bullet points:
  • I got the rain barrel back out, still need to hook it up
  • I bought a grapevine to put in the asparagus bed
  • I got the potatoes planted, but had to buy some more because there just weren't enough - now I have too many
  • some of the peas are planted, but there's more to go
  • another gardner from the community garden gave us some garlic and I planted a few in the home garden
  • possible freezing on Tuesday night
  • momotaro tomatoes are dropping their bottom leaves - Territorial rep suggested they may be too wet, but she's going to send new seeds in case these have a disease; they're quarantined in the low tunnel for now
  • I came up with a new trellis for the raspberries - the old one wasn't large enough anymore
gift garlic

new raspberry trellis

1 comment:

  1. I love it that you know your tomato rep! What a serious gardener.