Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seed Sowing Progress

It's crunch time!  Every spring there comes a point when a ludicrous number of seeds need to be sown.  (An impossible number given the space I have available in which to sow them.  Still working on solving that conundrum and avoiding feeding any more tender little seedlings to the rat.)

Here's what's what so far:
  • loose-leaf and romaine lettuces have been started and transplanted
  • spinach was started in pots but germination rates were poor
  • 94 onion seeds planted and sprouting well
  • bell peppers, jalapeno, chili pepers, eggplant, celeriac, broccoli, petunias, and 3 types of tomatoes started but not up yet

Here's what needs to be done:
  • figure out how many lettuce starts I'm going to need and decide whether or not to re-plant a few
  • give spinach a couple more days, maybe a seat on the radiator, then replant
  • get cell packs and transplant onions
  • figure out how many peppers, eggplants, etc I have room for
  • figure out what else needs to be started and when (note to self: marigolds, herbs)
  • get more cups for seeds when they come up - starbucks?

I mixed up my own seed-starting mix this year from potting soil, homemade compost, and vermiculite - it's pretty nice and a lot cheaper than the stuff I bought last year, though it is far from sterile.  But who knows what's in that bagged stuff, anyway?

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