Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Awesome Christmas Presents

I kind of can't believe how long it's taken to post about this.  For Christmas this year I received some really great presents.  (If your present is not on this list, don't get offended - it's not garden related!)  I got (duhn-duh-duh-duh!):

  • A firebowl
  • A pressure canner
  • A Kindle
Do I have great family or what?

***Okay, you might say, a Kindle is hardly garden related.  But it is after you spend hours and hours downloading and reading really old (i.e. free) gardening books!  I'm sort of shocked how relevant really old gardening books are.  They're also kind of fun to read, with weird sentence structures that basically say things like: "If some [insecticidal dust I've never heard of] should fall on the leaves it would not be a bad thing."  Anyway, it's a much more fun way to read about how to raise the same 30 garden crops discussed in every gardening book.

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  1. Wow, you can tell you really love gardening, if you enjoy reading about the same crops over and over again :)