Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fantastic Fall

The boys and I have been trying to soak up as much outdoors as we can.  After last weekend's freak snowstorm, I know time is short.  Tonight we went out in the back yard and grilled chicken and most of my tiny winter squash store.  (Squash bugs killed my winter squash vines before they really had much of a chance.)  The butternut squash was just fabulous; I will definitely have to grow some of these next year.  Maybe I will start them late-season at home and hope to avoid the borers and the squash bugs.

Butternut squash, and the last potato in the box.

Know what else was fabulous?  Sunset in this tree.  I'm not sure even the best digital camera could capture it - it really could have been on fire.  Do you think that's why they call it sunset?

Our maple tree lit by the setting sun.

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