Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dead Rosemary

My poor rosemary plant
I planted the rosemary pictured above from seed in the spring of 2010, and carefully nurtured it through its first winter on my kitchen window.  Growing herbs from seed is something I have been discouraged from doing and indeed find very difficult - only the really easy ones like basil and dill ever work out for me.  I had counted this rosemary a success after we spent most of last winter making delicious rosemary potatoes with it.  I was planning to plant it in the ground in September and let it winter outside this year.

But it seems that for every baby I bring into this world I must say goodbye to at least 3 potted plants.  I left this little one outside during our awful heat wave back in July and forgot to water it, and now even I have to admit that it is dead.  This is victim number two, killed simultaneously to a much-harassed blueberry bush that never did.

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