Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Harvest Notes

If anyone got excited by long blogging hiatus, I'm sorry to let you down but there is still no baby.  I am now officially "overdue", though our due date was determined by ultrasound at 10 weeks, so who knows?

Meanwhile, we've been picking things in the garden that haven't been reported on the blog:

2oz cilantro
10oz celery
~1 lb sugar snap peas
~4 pints strawberries

I'm really guessing on those last two, as they almost never make it into the kitchen to be measured.  My strawberries are doing really well this year, and I'm not sure if it's because I followed the extension service advice to cut them down to the crown last year after the main crop was produced, or if it's just because of our unusually cool spring.  In any event, I am losing more berries to bugs than to borytritis, and that makes me happy.  I didn't even spray for bugs this year, figuring that R is big enough to get into the berries sometime when I'm not looking and not quite big enough to understand why we have to wash them before eating.  Of course, we are keeping them awfully well-picked this year (they get checked at least twice a day!), which I'm told helps discourage the bugs.

Over the holiday weekend N's brother and sister-in-law brought their two girls over and we all enjoyed fresh pickings.  Sometimes I forget that I used to be uncomfortable eating unwashed produce straight out of the garden, and that others may still be.  This is one food hangup that kids never seem to suffer from, which reinforces my current opinion that the things we usually wash off of supermarket food in our kitchen sinks didn't come from the ground.

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