Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garlic Oops

 So, you know how I was just bragging about how lovely the garlic looks?  (Ignore those weeds!)  Well, N and I were looking at it the other day (I was pulling the weeds, I swear!), and the bases were just so thick and healthy looking that suddenly even I was a little uncertain about how much longer I needed to wait to pull them up.  And...there was this one, that was growing way too close to its neighbor we pulled it up!
To give you some sense of scale, those are 4-inch tiles.
 And they're not ready.


  1. So, you get to eat some garlic greens (scapes?)

  2. Those are HUGE leaves for a plant that one eats such a small portion of! Unrelated question - why does the page say you posted at 9:30 on Saturday evening? Or did you have a secret internet connection when you were "putting Roman to bed" in a cabin?

  3. @Styling...
    My garlic plants haven't grown scapes yet, and I thought about eating the leaves, but they weren't even the tiniest bit aromatic and it seemed sort of like eating grass. So I composted it instead.

  4. @Ellie
    They're on to me! The thing about blogging that makes it almost like work - for me - is transferring the photos and shrinking them down to a reasonable file size. Typically when I blog I go take a bunch of pictures, upload and convert them all at once, and then write 3 or 4 entries at once. Then I schedule them to post over the course of about a week so you all don't get too saturated. So now my secret is out!