Monday, May 2, 2011

1 - 6 Weeks Left!

Tonight N and I went to our birth center for their dress rehearsal class, an orientation session for people with impending births.  R was born at the same birth center so technically we didn't have to go to the orientation session this time, but last time I was very sick the night of the orientation session and couldn't remember anything that was said.  I think the midwife was a little shocked when I arrived at the birth center 8 cm dilated with no written birth plan and no idea even which room I wanted to use.  (There are 3 and you're supposed to pick one, but I made the midwife choose, in a hurry!)  Anyway, it brought home to me the fact that now I am 36 weeks pregnant, so if I went into labor next week I could just go ahead and have a baby!  But, on the other hand, I have been telling myself that this time around I'm just going to expect the baby to be 2 weeks late so I don't have to go through two weeks of being royally pissed off every day when I wake up and don't have a baby yet. 

So, here I am, somewhere between one and six weeks away from having a baby!  (Good lord, I hope!)


  1. So very exciting! Our friend Jonah found a poisson distribution on the internet of the delivery week of pregnant women and found the mode was 38 weeks or so. But there is a long tail to the distribution....

  2. Here's hoping it's closer to the early part of that range, rather than the late!