Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a Gorgeous Day

Wow, I don't think we've had a nicer day than today since last spring.  It was perfect: sunny, mid-70's, nice steady breeze.  N, R and I spent most of the day outside, doing yard and garden work and swinging in the hammock.  I turned my compost pile, or at least I turned about 70% of it, got tired and decided it was too wet and would benefit from a day or two spread between two bins.  Then I mowed the lawn, or at least I mowed about 80% of it, got tired, and made N finish.  Then I took down the supports for my low tunnel and cut the grass around it, then for good measure snipped the grass around the foundation of the house and all the flowerbeds with hand trimmers; I stopped in the middle to blow some bubbles with R.  Then I transplanted a bunch of stuff (R helped by moving potting soil 2 Tbsp at a time into my hanging baskets) while N grilled burgers.  Mmmm...burgers!

The thing about pregnancy is, it makes you insane.  It makes it impossible to lay in a hammock looking at dirty windows without wanting to climb a ladder RIGHT THIS SECOND and clean them.  (But don't worry, I just closed my eyes.  :)  Like the baby will care!

What a lovely sensory experience spring is.  Damp green grass, bright red cardinals, fragrant soil, and the sound of my son laughing while my husband shows him how high he can kick a soccer ball.

Some observations for my own records:
1) The compost seems to be much more decomposed than this time in previous years.  Maybe the PVC pipes really are helping.
2) The strawberries are budding.
3) The stargazer lilies came back up!!!
4) The slugs are finally waking up.  What a weird spring we're having.

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