Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Low Tunnel Plants

Low tunnel, left side.
 A while ago I promised some pictures of the plants inside the low tunnel, so here is me finally following through.  On the far left is the broccoli, with a kind of funny-looking (frost-bitten?) celery plant in front of it.  The other two plants in that photograph are the self-seeded lettuce from last year.  (Last weekend I asked N if he thought it really was lettuce and he reached down and grabbed a handful and gobbled it up.  As I stared in horror he said, "Mmmmmm!  It's really good lettuce!"  So I guess it's lettuce.)

Low tunnel, right side.
On the right is more lettuce and some spinach that was planted last fall.  It is doing really well and has a nice sweet aftertaste.  The jug of water is just in there to help stabilize the internal temperature overnight.  Last Friday we had a good solid frost.

I spread some more lettuce and spinach seeds in there, too, so hopefully soon there will be more to see.  Check out the close-up below of my broccoli head forming!  I planted some more broccoli seeds indoors - I'll keep you posted on whether they have enough time to grow into anything before the summer heat comes on.  This one has a lot of little baby heads sprouting on the sides; from what I've read they will start growing more once the main head is cut off.  Some slugs seem to have done a bit of damage to the lower leaves, but they are too lazy or inept to get to the upper ones.  Yucky creatures.

Broccoli head, about 1.5 inches across.


  1. Were you horrified by Nick's gobbling because he might be eating a poisonous weed? Or because he was consuming your precious baby lettuce?

  2. Wow, so many plants! This year I mixed in some slug pellets with my top soil when I did some weeding a few weeks ago. So far the tulips don't have as many holes as last year. We'll have to see how the low leaves on the hydrangea survive before declaring success.

  3. Check into putting the broccoli you harvest= it looks ready = into salt water to drive out the critters!