Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Garden Plan

ETA: I have put the plan on a separate page that everyone should be able to read.  Check out the link labeled "2011 Garden Plan" up and to the right.  Happy browsing!

I finally finished my garden plan for this year. Hopefully you will be able to see it okay, I've been playing with different ways to display it and haven't been having much success.


  1. Well, I could see it great on my blog reader. What does it mean that grapes and apples will be potted? Can they actually produce fruit that way? Or do they get transplanted into the ground after a few years?

  2. I added your blog to my reader (I usually read it directly) just so I could see the whole thing. To me it looks like a very ambitious plan, but I know exactly nothing about gardening. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!

  3. @Styling...
    If you want to grow an apple tree in a pot you have to purchase a "dwarf" tree, which is really the root system of one tree, with an upper portion of another type of apple tree grafted onto it. It's really quite fascinating to me that they can do this. (You can even purchase trees with several branches that bear different varieties of apple, or you can replace a branch from an existing apple tree with a branch from another type of tree, which can have the benefit that not all of your apples come at the same time or taste the same.) The ultimate size of the tree is determined by the rootstock.
    Grapes can also be grown in (large) containers, and it is recommended if your soil is poorly draining, like mine.

  4. @DrBG,
    Well, thanks for going to the trouble. Someday I'm going to learn some more HTML and figure out how to make this work better. It's odd to me that it looks fine in the preview but not when it's published. Why have a preview, then?!
    It is probably less ambitious than last year's garden - a lot of the garden will be empty for some part of the growing season. But since I will be having the baby in May, I think it is probably actually pretty ambitious. N has promised to help out a lot, on the condition that I had to add more peas.